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Serial Card Controller (Internal Card) - Obsolete

The JHSCOM module offers the possibility to control up to 16 MMD displays by a serial interface.

Fits all Maritime Multi Display (MMD) 15", 17", 18", 19", 20" and 23"

Accessory suitable for

JH 15T03 MMD
JH 15T05 MMD
JH 17T01 MMD
JH 17T02 MMD
JH 18T04 MMD
JH 19T01 MMD
JH 19T01 MIL
JH 19T02 MMD
JH 20T03 MMD
JH 20T03 MIL
JH 20T04 MMD
JH 20T04 MIL
JH 20T06 MMD
JH 23T01 MMD
JH 23T02 MMD
JH 23T02 MIL

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