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- Meeting the Demand. Qualified for shock, vibration & EMI

- Shock Tested

- Compact Form

- Type Approved

- Cost-Effective

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Hatteland Display provides high quality, tested and approved computers to power the navigation, automation and C4i systems for all types of naval vessel. Developing high-quality, cost-effective systems to cope with shock, vibration, temperature and humidity conditions is not a trivial challenge, but our Naval Line computers are designed and built to withstand the harsh naval environment and perform reliably even in extreme conditions.

We offer a wide range of processor choices, HDD and power options, and solid state technology, neatly engineered within standard form factor of 4U in height, making them suitable for both retrofit and new build naval projects.

The Naval Line computer is designed and built to withstand problems caused by vibration. The computer components inside are stable and secure, which extends the lifetime of the computer, even though it is highly likely to be positioned in an environment where it is exposed tomovements and the potential effects of vibrations.

Overheating is another key consideration for naval computers, so we ensure that all Naval Line computers offer good ventilation flow to help provide reliable 24/7 operation in a very wide temperature interval.

We continually develop our computers to make the best use of emerging computer technology so you can be sure that your Naval Line computer offers the power needed to run modern applications, the design and build quality to withstand harsh naval environments and the flexibility to be installed wherever you want, for any naval use.

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