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Hatteland Technology is the leading technology provider of maritime display and computer products


- Meeting the Demand. Qualified for shock, vibration & EMI

- Type Approved

- ECDIS Compliant

- 901D Grade A Shock-Qualified

- Form, Fit and Function

- Superior Bonding Technology

- Certified for C4i, Navigation and Automation

Read more about Testing and Type Approvals for Military and Naval products.

Our knowledge of the unique design, testing and life-cycle management issues of displays for naval vessels has enabled us to develop a high quality range called Naval Line, which can be found in navigation, automation and C4i solutions aboard everything from aircraft carriers and destroyers to patrol boats and submarines.

Taking our de facto industry standard, field proven Series 1 product line as a foundation, we are able to offer fully qualified and certified displays designed purely for use aboard naval vessels. Naval Line displays are designed to standard form and fit, and can be delivered as ECDIS / WECDIS ready.

Our proprietary Optical Bonding technology is available across all Naval Line displays. It improves performance and viewing clarity dramatically by eliminating condensation, reducing sunlight reflection by up to 95%, increasing strength during impact and lowering operating temperature to improve reliability and overall lifespan.

The XRD (Xtreme Rugged Marine Displays) variation are both best-value display solutions for demanding C4i applications. They incorporate a high-contrast UXGA resolution LCD, provide built-in test capabilities, and are a drop-in replacement for existing displays, so they are therefore ideally suited to either the naval new-build or retrofit markets.

As the Navies of the world move toward COTS-based, open architecture systems, Hatteland Technology can be trusted to provide high quality tested and approved displays, developed only for maritime use, without sacrificing performance or value.

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