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Hatteland Technology is the leading technology provider of maritime display and computer products

Displays Series 1

a new generation of innovative rugged marine displays...

With our dedication to innovation, we took our de facto industry standard Series 1 displays and set about improving them. The result is the Series 1 redesign, a new generation of innovative, rugged marine displays designed for any navigation and automation application, including ECDIS.

Although the new Series 1 offers a clear improvement on performance, functionality and value, we have ensured that it adheres to the Hatteland Technology ethos of Form, Fit, Function, so you can harness the many innovative features, without making changes to your existing solutions.

Series 1 displays feature 0-100% dimming, and can provide unmatched sun and night vision. All sizes can benefit from Hatteland Technology’s sophisticated Optical Bonding, which eliminates condensation and dust, and reduces reflection by over 90%. Together with advanced anti-glare coatings, bonding enables you to see your display in bright sunlight without the need for extensive backlighting, which can cause overheating and a shorter product life cycle.

Series 1 introduces a number of signal input/output options, which can be increased by using the HATTELAND® Multifunction Cable. Further customized cables are available to ensure that you can interface everything you need to with the greatest of ease.

All Series 1 models are built to last and designed to be reliable in harsh environments, while providing the performance and flexibility you expect. They are perfectly suited to use aboard a wide range of vessels including commercial ships, workboats, coast guard boats and navy ships.







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