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Panel Computers Series 1

A computer and display, all in one...

All Series 1 panel computers are based around the high quality, rugged Series 1 displays. With a panel computer though, the displays come with a 'built-in' computer, instantly transforming them into navigation and automation powerhouses, ideal for a whole range of different systems and solutions.

Of course, with Series 1 panel computers you immediately get the benefits from the Series 1 displays, such as unmatched viewing clarity and long life, but with the additional flexibility of a computer. They follow the same form and fit as Series 1 displays too, making them an ideal match for common system design requirements or as a replacement computer.

The computer itself is specified to ensure that it is capable of running all marine applications, from ECDIS software through to engine monitoring and automation applications. It has power to spare too, so software developers can be sure that Hatteland Display Series 1 panel computers can handle the latest applications being designed for bridge and engine room systems in addition to other, more custom uses.

Series 1 panel computers offer the ultimate in convenience for systems integrators and boat builders. This is backed up by the inherent qualities of Series 1 displays and the flexibility of the powerful integrated computer. Series 1 panel computers are a single flexible solution, designed only for the marine environment and built to last.






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