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Panel Computers Series 2 - Obsolete

Great visual design...

Innovative is a word often used but rarely does it capture the essence of the product it's used to describe. With the Series 2 panel computer though, innovation is key.

When Series 2* is chosen as a panel computer you get all the benefits of the ultimate marine display, Series 2, but with added power and flexibility. The panel computer backpack replaces the Series 2 display interface backpack and plugs directly into the rear of the display, instantly transforming it into a powerful computer.

As part of the Hatteland Display philosophy of form, fit, function, the Series 2 panel computer backpack is the same dimensions as the interface backpack of the standard Series 2, so it is a simple plug and play exercise to upgrade to what is one of the most powerful, and definitely the most stylish marine computers on the market.

The Series 2 panel computer helped create the concept of the glass bridge and leads the way in both style and substance, making it the ideal marine computer for the discerning boat owner or systems integrator looking to give their solutions the edge both in high quality design or pure functionality.






*Winner of Red Dot Product Design Award 2007

The Series 2 won a Red Dot Award in the 2007. The Design Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen in Germany has been marking outstanding international product design with its famous and highly regarded dot since 1955.

The Red Dot Product Design Award is an annual international awards scheme where products from all industries are chosen for their innovative visual and industrial design. To find out more visit www.red-dot.de.


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Series 2 Panel Computer Backpack

Series 2 Backpack Concept: Display or Panel Computer.

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