Tuesday, December 19, 2006


ECN - Engineering Change Notification


e would like to inform you about technical changes for our Maritime Stand-alone Computers and Maritime Multi Computers (MMC) Series 1.

Applicable for:

      HT B04CM/PM STD                  JH 10T08 MMC                       JH 15T05 MMC                      JH 19T02 MMC                      JH 23T02 MMC


Due to different customer systems and configurations, the serial communication and functionality needs to be revised.
The difference between hwA and hwB is regarding flowcontrol of comports when set to RS422. The table below shows the difference;

  hwA (previous products)

  hwB (current products)

 hwC (future products)

 - Transmit is always enabled in RS422

 - RTS has to be set HIGH to enable transmit in RS422

 - Jumper to change between hwA and hwB

 - Does not support RS422 bus mode

 - Supports RS422 bus mode

 - Supports RS422 bus mode

RTS (Request To Send) is a RS232 signal used for flowcontrol.


In future revision Jakob Hatteland Display will implement hwC which will enable customers to choose between hwA and hwB functionality; and
thus widen our product functionality towards customer needs. This revision is currently under development, and a final effective implementation date
is not yet set.

For further questions or status, please contact our sales offices or head office: jhd-no@hatteland.com



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