Friday, March 02, 2007


ECN - Engineering Change Notification


ear Customers,

We would like to inform you about some technical changes to our products, driven by the necessity to substitute the current Video Chipset.
The Chipsets on the Video Controller used to date are approaching their End of Life and will no longer be available in the future.

We are therefore proceeding to update the interface electronics with the latest and state-of-the-art Chipset solutions. We will be initiating
the re-design of the following products on a general level to accommodate the above, and will be doing so with two further objectives:

a) Improving the Quality level further.
b) Making the product more cost effective.


Maritime Multi Displays (MMD) models:
JH 15T05 xxx
JH 17T02 xxx
JH 19T02 xxx
JH 20T03 xxx
JH 20T06 xxx
JH 23T02 xxx

Including all variations and Custom OEM products.


  • Increased reliability through fewer modules and cable connections
  • Additional signal inputs
  • Enhanced picture quality
  • New dual power solution
  • Switched AC power out as standard
  • IP22 Desk mount, IP66 Console mount
  • Keep form-fit-function


  • New EVX (Embedded Video Controller X-tended):
      - 1 x DVI-I  and 1 x RGB (= dual RGB input)

  • New Power Supply, dual input, AC and DC:
      - Auto detects AC or DC (priority on AC when both connected)

  • Voltage ranges according to IEC60945:
      - AC 115 V - 230 V (standard IEC inlet connector)
      - DC 24V, nominal (screw terminal)

  • Mechanical Changes - Front Side:
      - New, “all in one” user control with brightness control, OSD access & Buzzer
      - Removal of lower left hatch and user control
      - Cosmetic changes

  • Mechanical Changes - Rear Side:
      - Added connectors, see signal inputs 
      - Cosmetic changes

  • Input / Output Connectors:
      - IEC inlet
      - IEC outlet   (new)
      - DC screw terminal
      - 2 x COM ports  (new)
      - 1 x RGB in
      - 1 x RGB out  (new)
      - 1 x DVI-I in
      - 1 x USB (touch screen)  (new)

  • Optical Technology for enhanced picture quality. 
      - Bonding can be applied as standard.


    In general the 2-digit version number 0x will be changed to 1x.


           Old                    New
    JH 19T02 MMD   JH 19T12 MMD
    JH 23T02 MMD   JH 23T12 MMD

    Customer Specific solutions and part numbers are / will be specified individually.


  • Final Last time purchase for existing displays    : 25th of May 2007
  • Production start of new designed products       : 1st of August 2007

    This re-design will consequently lead to new part numbers, new IEC60945 and IACS E10 testing including Type Approval certificates and
    new ECDIS testing.

  • Your sales contact is available and will be happy to answer any questions that you may have.

    Implemented by:                          Read & Understood by:  
    Frode Grindheim                           (Your name and Company)
    Technical Director                                                              
    Jakob Hatteland Display AS                                                                


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