Wednesday, February 25, 2004
News Letter

Dear Customers and Business Partners,

our trust in our products has lead Hatteland Display to steadily improve
our services, communications and product portfolio.

We are greatful for your willingness and co-operation to build up
long-term business relations together, enabling us to experience such a
positive growth which we have seen within the last years.
Many new projects and opportunities give us confidence for future growth.

To make this possible and to be as close as possible to our major markets,
we have now opened up a new sales office in Lake Mary, FL, USA.

This new office is ready to serve customers in the same way as
our sales offices in Oslo, Norway and Frankfurt, Germany or our headquarter
in Nedre Vats, Norway. Any questions related to product information, quotations,
orders or other items will be answered quickly.

We also like to invite our worldwide customers and partners to
use this location as a place to meet us.

All logistical topics like shipments, warehouse, invoicing etc.
remain unchanged and are handled by our headquarter in Nedre Vats, Norway.

New Lake Mary Sales Office:
Jakob Hatteland Display Inc.
801 International Parkway, 5th Floor
Lake Mary, FL 32746

In operation from 23 February 2004

Mr. Jan Gjoseter, Sales Manager (USA)
+1 (407) 562-1677
Fax: +1 (407) 562-1777

Please do not hesitate to contact our office in the USA, where
Jan Gjoseter, Sales Manager (USA) will be responsible for and will
take care about your questions.

Jakob Hatteland Display AS, Åmsosen, N-5578 Nedre Vats, Norway. Tel: +47 5276 3700, Fax: +47 5276 5444
Jakob Hatteland Display AS, Gjerdrums Vei 12, N-0484 Oslo, Norway. Tel: +47 5276 3700, Fax: +47 2258 6790
Jakob Hatteland Display GmbH, Werner Heisenberg Strasse 12, D-63263 Neu-Isenburg, Germany. Tel: +49 6102 370 954, Fax: +49 6102 370 968
Jakob Hatteland Display Inc, 801 International Parkway, 5th Floor, Lake Mary, FL 32746, USA. Tel: +1 (407) 562-1677, Fax: +1 (407) 562-1777