Monday, June 06, 2005
EOL - End Of Life Notice


We hereby inform you about the following change in our product portofolio.

Due to a necessary change of the LCD-Module used, we obsolete our existing Maritime Display:


JH 17T01 MMD (17,4 inch)

will be obsolete and will be replaced by a suitable replacement: JH 17T02 MMD (17,0 inch)


This new 17 inch Maritime Display will offer the same physical "form-fit-and-function" as the previous models.

The TFT Display is changed from 17,4 Inch to 17,0 Inch

Tests will be performed and Approvals will be applied for standard products as necessary. 
For customer specific solutions please contact Hatteland Display for clarification.



Last time buy orders must be placed before 30 June 2005

For further questions please reply to this e-mail
or talk with your appropriate sales personnel at Jakob Hatteland Display AS


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