Monday, October 31, 2005
Press Release

Radio Holland Netherlands and Jakob Hatteland Display signed a Service Agreement,
which after extensive training and installations, is now ready for implementation.

The service agreement allows Jakob Hatteland Display to offer Service and Repair to customers at new locations.
Radio Holland will be able to perform warranty and non-warranty repairs on behalf of Jakob Hatteland Display.

The first Service Location is Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

In addition Singapore and Houston, USA will be ready for service shortly after.

Customers with need of technical service and repair are invited to request a  repair return number
either via the Jakob Hatteland Display homepage at 
(Click on "Product Service, Request RMA")

or via the Jakob Hatteland Display Service Management.

Jakob Hatteland Display is proud to extend its worldwide service network with the expertise of Radio Holland.

For general details, please contact:
Jakob Hatteland Display AS, Ruben A.M. Johansen, Service Manager


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