Tuesday, December 13, 2005
ECN - Engineering Change Notification

ue to the RoHS-directive, Jakob Hatteland Display AS is phasing out
the surface treatment currently used on our standard products.

On all the products where we today are using Zinkfosfate or Yellow Chromate,
we will in the near future change to the following surface treatment:

Chromital Surtec 650   (Will give a brushed blank surface)

                                                                                                      Illustration only

For technical specification see datasheet:

The transition will be done successively within the next 5 months.

This change will not have any influence on the product's functionality,
and all current approvals and testing procedures remains valid.

For technical questions, please contact our Technical Director.

Implemented by:                          Read & Understood by:  
Frode Grindheim                      (Your name and Company)
Technical Director                                                             
Jakob Hatteland Display AS                                                               


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