Wednesday, September 13, 2006


ECN - Engineering Change Notification


RoHS Compliance for all HATTELAND® products with factory mounted touch screens glass and touch screen controllers.


Due to the RoHS directive, our touch screen suppliers have now adapted their touch screen products towards the
RoHS directive. The touch screen glass and touch screen controller products are now RoHS compliant.


Touch screen products are divided into two categories:

Capacitive Touch screen products

Resistive Touch screen products

This Engineering Change Notification is valid for both product categories.

Our main touch screen suppliers are:

3M Touch Systems (for Capacitive Touch screens)

ELO Touch Systems (for Resitive Touch screens)


Engineering Change Notifications from these suppliers are supplied as separate documents as well as additional relevant information.


Jakob Hatteland Display's partnumbers and related Type Approvals will remain unchanged.

Implemented by:                          Read & Understood by:  
Frode Grindheim                      (Your name and Company)
Managing Director                                                              
Jakob Hatteland Technology AS                                                                

For further questions, please contact our sales offices or head office:


Attached file(s):
3M ClearTek I General EOL Notification EOL3MCap.pdf (41 Kb) 3M ClearTek I General EOL Notification
3M EX II EOL Notification eolexiicont.pdf (34 Kb) 3M EX II EOL Notification
3M ClearTek II RoHS Transition Notification ptn3mcleartekii.pdf (33 Kb) 3M ClearTek II RoHS Transition Notificat...
ClearTek I – Non RoHS (discontiuned) ds_3mcleartek_non-rohs.pdf (112 Kb) ClearTek I – Non RoHS (discontiuned)
ClearTek II – RoHS compliant ds_3MClearTekII_rohs.pdf (176 Kb) ClearTek II – RoHS compliant
ELO AccuTouch - Resistive elo_rohs-weee_compliance.mht (78 Kb) ELO AccuTouch - Resistive
ELO RoHS AccuTouch Resistive Touch Screens ELO_RoHS_ConversionAccutouch.mht (93 Kb) ELO RoHS AccuTouch Resistive Touch Scree...
ELO RoHS AccuTouch Resistive Touchcontrollers ELO_2210&3000_to_2216.mht (71 Kb) ELO RoHS AccuTouch Resistive Touchcontro...


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