Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Press Release


Jakob Hatteland Display appoints new MD for its technology division.

Jakob Hatteland Display (JHD), the world leading marine display and computer manufacturer has appointed
Tomm-Erik Johannessen, 45, as Managing Director of its daughter company, Jakob Hatteland Technology.

 Johannessen, an IT professional with 15 years in the Royal Norwegian Air Force and managerial positions at high-profile
 Norwegian firms,  including Scanmar AS, joined Jakob Hatteland Technology on 15th September 2006. As head of
 Jakob Hatteland Technology, Johannessen’s responsibilities are focussed on expanding R&D for JHD’s marine
 displays and computers.

 “Jakob Hatteland Technology is an exciting environment to work in. Meeting the demands of JHD and in the future, other
  customers, in delivering state of the art technology on time and on budget is a challenge that I am thoroughly looking
  forward to,”
states Johannessen.

“We will ensure that Jakob Hatteland Display continues to be the natural choice for marine displays and computers by developing new
and unique technology and processes, enabling improved functionality and operation for our already industry standard products,”


--- About Hatteland Display ---
Hatteland Display manufactures high quality marine monitors and computers. It is part of the Hatteland Group, which was founded by Jakob Hatteland
in 1971. Based in Nedre Vats, Close to Haugesund on the West coast of Norway, the Hatteland Group has offices in various European countries and a
worldwide service network. Its products are used by system integrators and can be found on all vessel types, all over the world.
The company prides itself on quality, and boasts multiple Type Approvals across al of its products.

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