Monday, December 11, 2006


PCN - Product Change Notification


We would like to inform you about technical changes for our Maritime Stand-alone Computers and Maritime Multi Computers (MMC) Series 1.

Applicable for:

      HT B04CM/PM STD                  JH 10T08 MMC                       JH 15T05 MMC                      JH 19T02 MMC                      JH 23T02 MMC


- Minor change of components regarding the fan control and health status monitoring for the computer. The change does not implement any change
  of function of the system. Customers running their own monitoring software should test the new solution to verify its function.

- BIOS update: BIOS has been updated to support RoHS compliant board. The new BIOS should have no functional difference when running. 
  Main update is that there are some changes in what is regarded as default settings. New BIOS has version number: ET800-V2-0801

- GigaBIT LAN controller updated; Onboard GigaBIT LAN controller changed from Intel 82541GI to Intel 82541PI. Should have no effect for
  customers running Windows. Customers running other OS should test to verify its function.

Type Numbers, Type Approvals and datasheets will remain unchanged.

Will be effective during December 2006.

Implemented by:                          Read & Understood by:  
Frode Grindheim                           (Your name and Company)
Technical Director                                                              
Jakob Hatteland Display AS                                                                

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