Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Press Release


Jakob Hatteland Display (JHD) and Imtech Marine & Offshore signed a long-term cooperation agreement during the first HATTELAND Series 2
technical sales conference, which was held in Oslo, 17th – 18th January 2007. The agreement includes the supply of HATTELAND displays, panel
computers and computers to Imtech for all of its business sectors, with Imtech’s German daughter company HDW-Hagenuk Schiffstechnik (HST),
also included. 

Back left to right: Mrs. Bente Stene, JHD; Mr. Leo Franke, Imtech; Mr. Flip Westerhoff, Imtech.

Front left to right: Mr. Rick Ackermann, Manager Procurement, Imtech; Lars Eriksen, MD, JHD.

We already enjoy a strong relationship with JHD but it is great to ensure our continued cooperation on a long-term basis as it enables us to guarantee that
our customers will be using only the highest quality marine displays available on the market,”
commented Flip Westerhoff, Imtech.

Imtech Marine & Offshore boasts 147 years of rich history, during which the company and its reputation have grown considerably, primarily targeting
innovative maritime projects. Imtech currently delivers complete navigation, automation, electrical engineering, instrumentation and HVAC solutions,
from innovation and installation to testing and commissioning.

JHD's approach to the development of marine display and computer technology reflects the innovative nature of Imtech’s solutions, making our products
the ideal partner for Imtech’s electronic systems focus,
” comments Lars Eriksen, Managing Director, JHD.

The signing of the long-term agreement took place during JHD's first Series 2 technical sales conference, which was attended by 25 delegates from
JHD's worldwide network of agents and distributors as well as customers. Series 2 is the latest addition to its extensive range of marine displays,
panel computers and computers.

The Series 2 features a unique and flexible design, which includes a modular back pack for simple upgrade from display to display and
panel computer. This is backed up by high-grade optical technology to provide unrivalled viewing in any conditions.


--- About Jakob Hatteland Display ---
Jakob Hatteland Display manufactures high quality marine monitors and computers. It is part of the Hatteland Group, which was founded by
Jakob Hatteland in 1971. Based in Nedre Vats, Close to Haugesund on the West coast of Norway, the Hatteland Group has offices in various
European countries and a worldwide service network. Its products are used by system integrators and can be found on all vessel types, all
over the world. The company prides itself on quality, and boasts multiple Type Approvals across all of its products.

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