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Cutting edge marine displays recognised by world renowned design foundation.

The HATTELAND® Series 2 marine monitor/computer family has received a highly regarded red dot award. The sought-after award, in the product
design category, was won due to the timeless design values and pioneering functionality inherent in the Series 2, which has already taken the
marine world by storm with soaring sales since its launch in 2006.

The international ‘red dot design award’ ranks among the largest and most renowned design competitions in the world. Each year an international
jury of design professionals reviews and evaluates the submitted products according to criteria such as degree of innovation, functionality, formal
quality, ergonomics, durability, symbolic and emotional content, product periphery, clarity of function and ecological compatibility.

The 2007 entry consisted of a total of 2548 applications from 43 countries. The sheer number of products entered into the awards this year
demonstrates how desirable the red dot seal is.  

  The design of Series 2 was a collaborative project lead by Knut Vidar Lauritsen and Pim Leswin
  of Jakob Hatteland Display, and Ian Sandemal of Norwegian industrial design bureau, WORK.

  As Jakob Hatteland Display’s next generation product line, Series 2 was designed to provide optimum
  value and flexibility for the company’s system integrator customers, but also to become the de facto
  standard for custom bridge and helm design on luxury yachts.


“From the subtle and understated stylings to the modular backpack system and cutting edge optical technology, the design concept of the Series 2
was always about innovation” ,
 comments Knut Vidar Lauritsen, CEO, Jakob Hatteland Display. “This award reflects the hard work of everyone
involved in the design and manufacture of Series 2 and we are extremely proud and excited to become part of the exclusive selection of businesses
to have won a red dot award.”

  The clean, striking and modern design of Series 2 alludes to the high-technology inside the slim
  aluminium casing. Jakob Hatteland Display has developed a unique new Optical Technology, which
  ensures the sharpest picture in all conditions. With high light intensity and contrast, combined with
  0-100% backlight, the Series 2  provides unmatched sun and night vision.

  The picture is as clear in the strongest sunlight as it is at night or in overcast conditions.



“Though only one factor of the overall design of Series 2, our optical technology provides superlative viewing, day and night, making Series 2 the
ideal choice for all marine applications,”
says Frode Grindheim, Technical Director, Jakob Hatteland Display.

  The Series 2 family is the world’s first marine display system to offer the choice of delivery as a
  monitor (Marine Multi Display - MMD) only or a monitor combined with a computer (Marine Multi
  Computer - MMC). The modular backpack, which docks into the rear of the screen can be either an
  interface unit or interface and marine computer. 

  Both modules are the same dimensions for easy future upgrades and straightforward servicing.
  With multiple inputs, capable of displaying everything from chartplotter and echosounder to full NMEA
  and CCTV, Series 2 users will benefit from the ultimate in flexibility.



  The Series 2, is available in a range of sizes including 12”, 15” and 19” versions. It is designed,
  tested and approved to suit all marine applications across all sectors. The sleek stylings and unique
  display technology are already a hit with style conscious superyacht owners and demand is already
  high in the luxury powerboat and superyacht markets.
  Jakob Hatteland Display also reports high demand with its system integrator customers.

The red dot design awards will be presented on 25th June 2007 at an official ceremony in Essen, Germany, following the opening of a special
exhibition at the red dot design museum featuring the 2007 award winning products.

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--- About the red dot design award ---
With more than 6,000 entries in its categories red dot award: product design, red dot award: communication design, and red dot award: design
concept the red dot design award is one of the leading and largest design competitions worldwide. Since 1955, the Essen Design Zentrum Nordrhein
Westfalen has annually selected outstanding design quality and paid official tribute to the award-winning products in an exhibition.

The festive award ceremony takes place on 25 June 2007 in the Essen Aalto Theatre. The award-winning works will be exhibited in the special
exhibition “Design on stage – winners red dot award: product design 2007” from 26 June to 23 July 2007 in the red dot design museum in Essen.
The red dot design museum houses the largest permanent exhibition of contemporary design world-wide.

In 2007 the product design jury consisted of 24 jury members from 21 countries.

--- About Jakob Hatteland Display ---
Jakob Hatteland Display manufactures high quality marine monitors and computers. It is part of the Hatteland Group, which was founded by Jakob
Hatteland in 1971. Based in Nedre Vats, Close to Haugesund on the West coast of Norway, the Hatteland Group has offices in various European
countries and a worldwide service network. Its products are used by system integrators and can be found on all vessel types, all over the world.
The company prides itself on quality, and boasts multiple Type Approvals across all of its products.

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