Monday, October 08, 2007



Dear Customers, suppliers, business partners and friends,

Due to the recent aquiring of Hatteland Display AS by Ferd Private Equity Fund II (FPEF II) -> mailid227.html
we have changed our company structure from a formerly independent business structure. Since we are no longer part or owned by
The Hatteland Group ( our company name also needed to change.

This gives us a more powerful organization and eases the processes in any business relation. We all stay as one dedicated company
behind our business and like to offer you a single
face-to-face business relation.

Previously Hatteland Display AS consisted of several daughter companies like; sales, production and engineering.

    1: Jakob Hatteland Display AS - Sales              2: Jakob Hatteland Assemby AS - Production        3: Jakob Hatteland Technology AS - Engineering

was merged into one company:

Hatteland Display AS
N-5578 Nedre Vats

Enterprise No: NO 974 533 146
Vat No: NO 974 533 146 MVA
Account no: 5337 06 04564
Swift No.: DNBANOKK:5337.06.04564
IBAN Nr: NO1253370604564

Hatteland Display AS Departments
Administration, Sales & Marketing, Technical Support, R&D, Production and Procurement

All phones and faxes, including email-adresses remain unchanged. All international sales offices and their functions remains unchanged.
All contracts, agreements and obligations will of course be valid and will be proceeded by Hatteland Display AS.

For further questions, please contact our sales offices, head office: or
your key contact personnel in the production facility.



Hatteland Display AS
Åmsosen, N-5578 Nedre Vats, Norway
Tel: +47 5276 3700, Fax: +47 5276 5444 (Head Office)