Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Press Release

Leading marine display and computer manufacturer increases capacity during record year

atteland Display’s marine computer and panel computer business has experienced a record year of
sales in 2007. The company reports a 53% increase on the 2006 sales performance of its computers
division having sold 2510 units up to mid November 2007. The company expects a year end figure
of 3100 units, making for a total sales growth of approx. 89%.

In order to reduce lead-time and to ensure that future order levels can be met, Hatteland Display
recently improved many of its manufacturing processes at its Nedre Vats, Norway, development
and manufacturing plant. The company has since October doubled its marine computer capacity,
reduced lead-times to 4-5 weeks for standard units and introduced new QA measures to ensure
that high levels of quality are retained as production ramps up.

“We are delighted at the sales performance of our computers in 2007,” said Knut Vidar Lauritsen,
President, Hatteland Display. “We are renowned for supplying high quality marine displays to system
integrators and ship yards and are pleased with our performance in this sector for 2007. We continue
to development new rugged, high performance marine computers and these sales figures show that
our investment is paying off.”

Hatteland Display now offers the largest portfolio of marine computers and panel computers, designed for a wide variety of applications for Naval, Commercial and Offshore vessels in addition to recreational boats. The company’s computer development resulted in the successful introduction of two new solid state, fan-less computers to the market in 2007. Next year promises further progress with increased power coming from Core2Duo processors in new 19” rack computers. 
“Computers, whether sold as a display backpacks, panel, rack mount or black boxes are becoming
more and more important to our business as customers demand further integrated, high quality
solutions. This ensures that they are able to develop the best systems for their own customers so
we have to be able to guarantee quality and delivery, hence our continued investment in this area,”

concludes Knut Vidar Lauritsen.


--- About Hatteland Display ---
Hatteland Display manufactures high quality marine monitors and computers. Its products are used by system integrators and can be
found on all vessel types, all over the world. The company prides itself on quality, and boasts multiple Type Approvals across all of its
products. Hatteland Display was purchased by Ferd Private Equity Fund II on 27 March 2007.

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