Friday, October 31, 2003
News Letter

Jakob Hatteland Display is pleased to inform you that our products now are evaulated
and found to comply with IEC/EN60529 (IP 66).

Effective from 16 September 2003.

The following products are IP 66 compliant:
(PDF files requires Adobe Acrobat 5.x installed)

 JH 10T06 STD - Datasheet Download
 JH 10T06 MMD - Datasheet Download
 JH 15T03 STD - Datasheet Download
JH 15T03 MMD - Datasheet Download
 JH 17T01 MMD - Datasheet Download
 JH 18T04 MMD - Datasheet Download
 JH 19T01 MMD - Datasheet Download
 JH 20T03 MMD - Datasheet Download
 JH 20T04 MMD - Datasheet Download
 JH 23T02 MMD - Datasheet Download

Datasheets with brackets are available from our website.
Please note that there is NO change in design or measurements.

 IP 66 Certificate Download

The IP 66 rating will be in addition to the approvals from:
DNV, LRS, GL, ClassNK, ABS, BV and BSH

For further details and inquiries please contact sales office or main office.

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