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Friday, January 30, 2009
Alphabridge Promotes Hatteland Display at Boot Düsseldorf


Alphabridge the German distributor of Integrated Bridge Systems for Superyachts and Offshore vessels chooses Hatteland Display displays and computers to assist its cutting-edge systems to offer the power and style that superyacht owners expect.

The company recently exhibited a range of displays and computers for Hatteland Display at the Boot Düsseldorf exhibition, which took place 17-25 January 2009 and is one of the world's largest boat shows.

The Alphabridge stand at Düsseldorf was based around a large, sophisticated new bridge system. In addition, Hatteland Display provided several products for the stand helping to give it the high-technology feel that is required in this innovative sector. The following products were seen on the Alphabridge stand:

3x HD12T04 BOBA (Series 2 Display, 12")
3x HT MMC01-A01 (Series 2, Backpack Computer)
1x 23T12MMD-AA1-AOAA (Series 1, 23" Bonded Display)
3x HD19T03 BOBC (Series 2, 19" Display with Touch Screen)
3x HD MMD01-C01 (Series 2, Display controller for the HD19T03 Displays)

Alphabridge also showed Integrated Bridge System (Bridge Mate) and computers from Marine Technologies in Egersund, which are actually based on the HATTELAND® HT B07.

Hatteland Display is keen to work with customers at exhibitions in both the recreational and commercial markets, so if you would like to feature any of our products on your stand, please contact us here

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