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Friday, January 30, 2009
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Hatteland Display is dedicated to providing high quality and reliable marine displays and computers, but another important aspect is visual design. You may remember that in 2007, we won a red dot award ( for the design of the Series 2 but our attention to visual design spans across all of our products.

To ensure a consistent style and quality, we have an in-house design department, and we'd like to introduce you to the newest member of the team, Ellen Susanne Rofeldt, who joined Hatteland Display in November 2008 as an in-house designer and has been taking a lead role in the design of our new computer solutions.

What are the most important aspects of designing products for marine use?
When designing for maritime use several aspects have to be taken into consideration, as the products are most likely to be positioned in a harsh environment. Products for maritime use need to withstand extremes of temperature, shock, vibration, humidity, and salinity. Mariners have a slightly different working environment with long periods at sea and limited working space. Therefore special functionality, ergonomics and usability all have to be taken into consideration when redesigning and developing new products.

Hatteland Display is dedicated to the ethos of 'form, fit, function', but how important is visual design?
Hatteland Display products are designed to express quality and ruggedness. The visual design is therefore just as important as any product for the industrial or commercial market. The design ethos is based on the application of our products in the harsh maritime environment and the requirements of the costumers and users.

How do you feel Hatteland Display's product design stands out from the crowd?
Hatteland Display products radiate quality with their elegancy and simplicity. The sleek, masculine designs have a contemporary feel, yet a timeless quality.

What influences have you used in your work so far at Hatteland Display?
As a female designer, I have slightly softened up the masculine look of Hatteland Display products on some of our upcoming products, without destroying the strength and elegancy that the products radiate.

Series 2 is already an award winning product. How do you plan to follow the high standard that has already been set?
As a team, the designers and engineers at Hatteland Display will continue to develop innovative, smart and elegant, quality products. I design to pursue and develop the Hatteland Display visual branding.

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