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Friday, January 30, 2009
High Quality Displays & Computers for MT Dynamic Positioning and Integrated Bridge Systems


Norway's Hatteland Display provides the marine displays and computers for Marine Technologies' cutting edge Dynamic Positioning and Integrated Bridge solutions. These components form the foundation that Marine Technologies builds upon and are vital to the reliability and availability of their systems.

If a DP operation fails because of display or computer hardware problems, it can result in massive costs for the operator and in the worst case scenario, serious injury or loss of life. So it's particularly important for Marine Technologies to be confident in the quality of the hardware it integrates, which is why the DP innovator chooses an experienced manufacturer known for providing high quality products. The same hardware platform is also chosen for MT's BridgeMate line of Integrated Bridge Systems (IBS).


In addition to powerful, reliable computers, Marine Technologies uses de facto industry standard, Type Approved Series 1 displays. A recent redesign of Hatteland Display's Series 1 offers new functionality and improved connectivity with the same form factor so customers such as Marine Technologies can integrate them into their systems with ease.

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