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Friday, February 27, 2009
A Message from the New President of Hatteland Display


I have only been with Hatteland Display for a few weeks, but it only took a few days to see that this is an organization full of dedicated people with a real focus on serving our customers in the best possible way. Although our industry is experiencing a weaker market this year than last year, we will continue to be a strong and stable supplier to our customers. Hatteland Display has the required financial and operational strength to cope with a challenging market.

Hatteland Display's customers are all technology leaders and you have great demands on us to support you with new products and solutions. I would like to ensure you that despite a global economic downturn, R&D continues at Hatteland Display and we will have a number of new products on the market this year, a couple of which are covered in this issue of Visions.

I am looking forward to meeting our customers in the near future and better understand how we can serve you better. Our dedication to serving our customers and continuous improvement in how we do this will be at the top of my agenda. I am certain that there are several areas where we can improve, and if you as a customer have comments or points of view on how we can serve you better, feel free to contact me anytime.

As most of you know, we have Nor-Shipping, our 'home' exhibition coming up in June, which will give me the perfect opportunity to meet with you and also enjoy the customer evenings at Rorbua together with you!

image Best Regards,

Trond K. Johannessen
President and CEO, Hatteland Display
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