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Friday, February 27, 2009
Spotlight on the new HT C01 Computer

The Hatteland Display computers business experienced 13% growth in 2008 with 3400 computers produced compared to 3000 in 2007. For 2009, the emphasis and focus on the computer business will be stronger than ever, especially as we'll be launching several new computer solutions. One of which, is the HT C01.

This new standalone computer is based on the latest available computer technology but due to Hatteland Display's efficient production methods, and design for mass production it is low in cost compared to similar marine computers on the market. A premium product at a decidedly non-premium price point! The HT C01 has been tested extensively, perhaps the most of any commercial grade marine computer ever, and even offers a cost-down program for customers, which makes it comparable to any consumer based computer with mounting accessories solution.

Inside the sleek new design of the outer casing is a computer designed specifically for the marine environment. Strong resistance to vibration is perhaps one of the most important considerations and the HT C01 has been designed with this in mind, having successfully passed the vibration test for Type Approvals at DNV. The components in the computer are stable and secure, which extends the lifetime and improves reliability in tough conditions.

Temperature is another consideration for equipment and specifically computers at sea, but due to good ventilation flow in the HT C01, it boasts a 24/7 operation in the -15C to +55C temperature interval.

Another environmental consideration is the often tight working space on a vessel, so Hatteland Display has ensured that the HT C01 offers easy access and maintenance. The computer components are reachable by unscrewing three finger screws to take of the cover (no tools needed) and many of its components are easily replaceable.

The above design considerations improve lifespan, but more importantly they aid in offering excellent reliability, which is vital at sea because failure of a computer could lead to an accident, and ultimately loss of life.

The HT C01 has been designed from the ground up to be the ultimate in marine computing power and accessibility. It looks new and introduces many new design elements, making it the next generation of Hatteland Display computers. We'll bring you more information on the HT C01 in future editions of Visions.

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