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Monday, March 16, 2015

Engineering Change Notification (ECN)

Series X - Maritime Multi Display (MMD), Firmware Update

New firmware (FW) version is under implementation in our production. All Series X MMD display products manufactured on March 16 or later will be delivered with this new FW implemented.

HD 12T21 xxD-xxx-xxxx HD 15T21 xxD-xxx-xxxx

HD 17T21 xxD-xxx-xxxx HD 19T21 xxD-xxx-xxxx

HD 24T21 xxD-xxx-xxxx HD 26T21 xxD-xxx-xxxx

HD 12T21 xxD-xxx-xxxx
HD 15T21 xxD-xxx-xxxx
HD 17T21 xxD-xxx-xxxx
HD 19T21 xxD-xxx-xxxx
HD 24T21 xxD-xxx-xxxx
HD 26T21 xxD-xxx-xxxx
Note: Customized models are ALSO affected by this Engineering Change Notification.
Industrial Standard Display (STD) models are not affected.

16 March 2015. Firmware will be fully implemented on all delivered units on and after this date.

Update to storage of user settings in the product. Existing FW has shown a weakness in long term performance. FW with improved functionality must have FW ID 150303 or later. Review attached PDF document to indicate GEV firmware.

This FW can be upgraded using a Windows OS based PC and a RS-232 cable. Please contact our helpdesk for assistance.

It is particularly recommended to update Series X, HD 26T21 MMD CCFL based products as a priority, failure symptom in this case can be seen as an inverted brightness reaction of the backlight.

In case of a "black screen" make sure to locate the brightness "-" button, activate it, and wait for the brightness to resume. Affected units can be identified by looking at Serial Number label on the rear of product, or within the OSD Menu first page (see example picture below) and applies for Serial Numbers lower than 40000. (Example HD 26T21 MMD-MA1-FAGA-30123).

(FW update will repair units showing the fault, but we recommend that the FW should be upgraded as soon as possible even before any symptoms are evident).

It is also recommended to update other sizes of MMD's as well, this can be organized over a longer time period.

Update regarding this ECN:
Additionally, other issues where solved in firmware, please review ECN #8 (24 Apr 2015) for details.

For further enquiries regarding this Engineering Change Notification, please contact HelpDesk at Hatteland Display.

Implemented by:
Frode Grindheim
Vice President Product Management
Hatteland Display AS
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Links to relevant file(s):
image inb100519-1_usermanual_mmd_seriesx_72.pdf (546.3kb) How to determine exisiting FW, enter OSD Menu/Service/GEV Firmware Rev.
image osd_serial_number.jpg (137.5kb) Where to find Serial Number in OSD

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