Friday, March 27, 2009
Keep it Green

The climate is (after the economic climate of course!) perhaps the hottest global topic of the moment. Hatteland Display takes its obligation to the environment very seriously and we employ many different processes to help minimise our environmental impact, ensuring that we are a supplier that reflects our customers' own corporate social responsibility agendas.

For our products, we use a system of reporting called the 'Green Passport' wherein we measure and test the amount of harmful substances used in our products. Categories in the Green Passport include everything from Asbestos and paint through to gases and chemicals. We are pleased to report that we have a 'zero' in many of the categories and in those that are necessary to our manufacturing process we are able to state 'negligibly small' amounts.

Internally, in our offices and factory there are several ways that all at Hatteland Display contribute to helping the environment. We conduct HSE surveys that focus on the working environment, we print as little as possible, using recycled and swan-marked paper where possible and we are all dedicated to energy saving; trying to travel less if alternate plans can be made (video conferencing etc) and turning lights off when a room isn't being used for instance. Waste recycling is also a big environmental issue and one that Hatteland Display addresses very well, with many processes already in place.

Goods transportation is another key area where we can help to reduce impact on the environment. We only use transport companies that work hard to lower their CO2 emissions: Couriers like DHL and TNT often renew their aircraft for more eco-friendly models, and the same goes for their road vehicles. They also strive to keep environmental impact at a low level by coordinating their transportation in an optimal way (measured by: as few 'driven' kilometers as possible). We choose serious carriers who focus on the environment whilst at the same time provide value and service to us and our customers in the most efficient way possible.

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