Friday, March 26, 2010
Hatteland Display is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of TEMPEST testing

Hatteland Display is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of TEMPEST testing on one of its most widely used maritime display models. The 19 inch LCD display unit now provides the military naval market with a unique combination of proven product performance and in-demand cutting edge technology. The market leading high performance 19 inch MMD display was put to the test with the NATO SDIP-27 TEMPEST standard and passed.


The unique combination of the maritime standards like the EN60945 and the TEMPEST compliance gives the product ideal performances for many applications. While maintaining the very high quality, unique user features and fulfillment of standards the product will enhance its usability for new segments. This combination of features is seldom found in a single product, and added to this; Hatteland Display's unique in-house optical bonding technology is also integrated into this TEMPEST compliant product.

"We know that the product will satisfy many different applications in the military naval segment. This is an ideal product for both bridge and below deck use where maritime standards combined with TEMPEST technology requirements are needed. The product will be an exciting addition to our growing portfolio of products for naval use", commented Brede Qvigstad, Director - Naval & Defense, Hatteland Display.

The new 19 inch display type HM 19T14 MMD-AAT-AOBA meets the NATO SDIP-27 Level B TEMPEST standard.

Visit www.hatteland-display.com/naval to find out more about Hatteland Display's extensive range of naval & marine displays.

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