Friday, March 26, 2010
The Winner of the 2009 Yacht Competition...

In 2009, we ran a competition to encourage our customers to become more aware of our website. A superb 15" Series 2 display was announced as the prize for this competition. We are now happy to announce that the winner is Wendy Rydberg at Cay Electronics in Portsmouth, Rhode Island, USA!

The Series 2 line of displays is widely used on yachts throughout the world, and it won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award in 2007. The Series 2 line was chosen by a panel of design professionals for its smooth and stylish design.

Beyond the pleasing aesthetics, a wealth of functionality makes the Series 2 line the ultimate choice in marine displays. Series 2 is the world's first marine display system to offer the choice of delivery as a display (marine multi display - MMD) or as a display combined with a computer (marine multi computer - MMC).

The modular backpack which docks onto the rear of the screen can include standard display inputs with AC or DC power, or it can be a computer for a completely integrated system.

It is this flexibility to run whatever hardware or software needed- displayed onto a hi-quality optically bonded screen, which makes Series 2 one of the most advanced and innovative marine display systems available.

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