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Friday, May 20, 2011
The optimal ECDIS package

Display calibration is a very important aspect of ECDIS. ECDIS represents one of the most rigorous applications of display technology.

The cost of making an error in recognition on the display is potentially very high if not fatal. Therefore it is important that ECDIS integrity is maintained and that specifically, monitors match the colour characteristics specified in relevant standards.

Hatteland Display supplies both computers and displays to provide an overall ECDIS approved installation. The hardware also meets the requirements set in IEC 62288, IEC 62388, IEC 61174 and IEC 60945. Finally, to ensure the required performance of the system, the RGB colour coordinates are corrected by software algorithms as part of the process.

Sophisticated calibration procedure is necessary to account for the different display properties. Inverse colour model transformation allows you to predict what RGB values should be used to produce desired colours on the screen.

This process is complicated because the three non-linear colours have to be corrected simultaneously. Hatteland Display ECDIS calibration overcomes this problem and ensures correct matching between the requirements and actual product.

With our extensive technical knowledge and experience, we can deliver the best quality type-approved ECDIS displays fulfilling IMO requirements.

A very large amount and variety of display information has to be presented, distinguished and prioritized on the ECDIS screen. With the night applications all the information must be accurately displayed at very low luminance levels. These points illustrate the need to obtain the maximum performance from the display, in terms of effective colour specification and calibration.

The process uses highly specialised calibration equipment e.g. Konica-Minolta CA-210 colour analyzer.

Supplied with, detailed implementation instructions and extensive support. The standard communication interface with the monitors includes RS232 / RS422 and RS485.

Colour management ensures consistent colour communication while maintaining an open system. Adding and removing devices is based on calibration profiles. Hatteland Display supplies the most flexible method that can be used with several types of graphical adapters at a time. The entire process is approved for all the display types and configurations.

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