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Friday, May 20, 2011
Hatteland Display's Compact Fanless series expanding

HT B17, the smallest unit in our compact fanless series, is equipped in its basic configuration with the same high performance electronics as its larger sibling, HT B18.

As with all Hatteland products, the HT B17 is made of standard modules, used across our product ranges. The benefit of having modular designs is used when we created the latest version of the HT B17, the "GE" version. We simply installed a proven Intel® QM57 based mini-ITX motherboard in our standard HT B17 chassis. This gave us upgraded performance in very short time, with less effort and with confidence.

HT B17GE is designed with focus to the most common functional requirements found in marine applications. This gives a slim and cost effective solution without jeopardizing the extraordinary environmental performance that comes with the standard HT B17 versions.

Please visit our website or contact us for complete specifications.

HT B21 is the latest member of our compact fanless series. As default, it includes system digital IO's and communication interfaces designed for industrial and marine applications.

Dual and redundant systems are implemented in the product to make it a perfect candidate for type approved systems in the marine industry.

HT B21 is available in 2 basic versions:
Intel® Core™2 Duo / High Performance
Intel® Atom™ / Low Power

Overview Hatteland Display - Compact Fanless Series:

Model Platform Removeable
PCI / PCIe Dual
COM Isolated
Isolated COM
HT B18 STD GM45+P8400 (2) 2 PCI AC+DC
HT B17 STD GM45+P8400 1 AC+DC
HT B17GE QM57+P4505 2 HD COM AC+DC
HT B21EA GM45+P8400 (4) 1 HD COM 2 x DC
HT B21FD Atom™ N450 1 HD COM 2 x DC
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