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Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Maritime Multi Computer (MMC) 24" made for ECDIS

The stand alone display has been the favored choice for as long as one can remember, but that too is changing!

Now with technology providing high performance computing in increasingly compact form, the prospect of using a panel PC solution in an ECDIS system (the hottest topic these days in the navigation segment) is here at last!

Delivered calibrated and ready for use in your ECDIS system, the Hatteland Display Series X 24 inch MMC product is already revolutionizing the industry and in doing so is leading the way into a new age of product providing the performance of a (Display and Computer) in a compact, cost effective and color calibrated turnkey package.

Our 24 inch high resolution (1920 x 1080, Full High Definition) is the perfect product for future ECDIS systems

It offers an active image of 531 x 299mm, and 3000:1 in contrast. Type approved maps have never been better viewed!

Sleek by design, the Series X HD 24T21 MMC product is fast growing in popularity as "the" product to integrate into your professional maritime ECDIS system.

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