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Tuesday, May 21, 2013
Meet the 26" family

26 inch wide screen is an increasingly popular choice of size and format for radar. The Series X HD 26T21 model features a set of 3 products from which to choose from.

HD 26T21 STD Display

Entry level STD models provide quick and easy direct display connection to a data output. The STD display product features a base data input solution with 1xRGB and 1xDVI-D input. Simple and cost effective interfacing to your radar blackbox in a type approved 26 inch display platform.

HD 26T21 MMD Display

The MMD version is for potentially more complex and demanding signals, perhaps from legacy radar solutions where a more enhanced signal processing capability might be needed.

As well as this, the MMD provides multiple inputs (2xRGB, 2xDVI-D and 3xBNC Composite Video). A high performance interfacing solution for legacy signals, complex signals and multi input connection.

HD 26T21 MMC Panel PC

The MMC panel PC offers the prospect of a truly standalone solution for radar in 26 inch. And why not?

The age of compact type approved and integrated hardware is upon us where the quest for saving space, reducing cost and achieving all-in-one connectivity is only limited by the progress of technology and by its adoption into type approved platforms. Here there is no concern since all that Hatteland Display brings to market is tested and approved for maritime use.

The option of a fully integrated 26 inch panel PC display is an appealing one due to the increasing demand for large screen displays beyond 23 inch. The 26 inch in 16:10 widescreen format meets the requirements for radar use and is already a widely accepted alternative to the previously high runner 23 inch in 4:3 format.

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