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Monday, June 1, 2015
Integrated Bridge System (IBS)

The IBS segment is in a transition phase...

...partly led by the fast pace of display technology evolution, breeding ambitions for better quality visual characteristics, a cheaper product format and the need to limit the risk of any life cycle considerations that may arise with older technology. The challenge that remained for system integrators was to figure out what the new display format for the IBS system should be!

What is the post 23 inch 4:3 product going to be?

The 26 inch 16:10 maritime (display) has proved to be a useful stepping-stone in the right direction; it certainly has been a competitive product with pressures on the manufacturers to win the bidding against each other for each project; it has then delivered on the cost saving target to integrators.

However, it has arguably not provided the innovative element that we often strive to achieve and that some of the more innovative customers want to see.

This Norshipping 2015 we are hoping to change that with the preview of two revolutionary products for the IBS market.

First, Our Series X 26 inch product will now be available with an upgraded set of features. Primary among them is the integration of our PC technology inside the unit, including high performance processors for handling demanding IBS applications. The display technology has been upgraded to an LED panel, and a MultiTouch touch screen option is ready.

This Series X 26 inch MMC panel PC product will represent an exciting fully integrated, type approved solution for ECDIS and Radar use.

Second, we will be showcasing a still larger display from the Series X range as an IBS product.

The large format display will be aimed at console integration for ECDIS and Radar. We are setting sights on anticipated future demand for higher resolution displays to show more data on a single screen, and so the highlighting of this product development will be an encouragement to the industry to prepare for this.

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