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Monday, June 1, 2015

The introduction of our Series X widescreen display products for the ECDIS market has led to revealing choices customers have made for their ECDIS platforms.

A significant portion of the market has chosen to focus on the compact and turnkey characteristics of an easy to install 'prepped and ready' 24 inch Series X Panel PC. The HD 24T21 panel PC is now the de facto standard ECDIS retrofit solution.

At Hatteland Display we’ve had to work hard to respond to all the ECDIS software requirements as they emerge. Some needing a competitive and base level PC performance inside the HD 24T21 MMC panel PC, others basing their commercial advantage on rich graphics and demanding computer performance. We’ve delivered for both, and so customers now have the choice of no fewer than 4 processor options.

Other features and options have also enhanced the capability of this MMC platform. HDD and SSD extractable disc bays, enhanced RAM, additional COM, CAN and LAN connections through our module integration options, and the optical bonding enhancement to the LED or High Bright panel with the front glass or the touch screen. The 24 inch Series X panel PC is hard to rival for features and capability, and that is why it is a market leading ECDIS solution.

An obvious upgrade to the traditional 23 inch solution that has led this segment for more than 10 years is the very successful Series X HD 26T21 MMD-MA4 calibrated display.

A 26 inch display (recently upgraded with an LED panel and optional multi touch) it has seen strong volume sales for Chart Radar projects requiring colour calibration.

The product is reliable, stable and is an economical option for bringing fleets of ships in line with the new ECDIS rules. It is now also available as a panel PC, aimed at enhancing the IBS chart radar offering.

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