Friday, June 26, 2009
Hatteland Display in Revolutionary New Integrated AFT Bridge Solution

This exciting new integrated aft bridge workstation from Kongsberg Maritime combines navigation, control and manoeuvring functions in one sophisticated solution. The 3 displays in this chair are all customized solutions from Hatteland Display.

image "There are two main displays at the end of each armrest, each of 13.3 inch widescreens with touch-panels, allowing a flexible and user-friendly solution. The third display is an 8 inch "back-up" display mounted horizontally in one of the armrests. The innovative display integration in this chair gives a unique, ergonomic design", says Pablo Tveita, Sales Engineer and project-leader at Hatteland Display.

In the process of selecting partner for display-development suitable for this innovative bridge solution, Hatteland Display was selected due to competency and ability to deliver right product at the right price on time.

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