Friday, June 27, 2008
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Knut Vidar Lauritsen, President
Six Successful Months of Audits
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Supplier Day:
Hatteland Display held a Supplier's Day in Nedre Vats on June 5th 2008. The day was well attended and the positive attitude demonstrated by suppliers is a good indication that strong future cooperation will help us to meet the company's growth goals.


Web Feedback:
As a first small step in plans to improve the Hatteland Display web presence at, new web feedback functionality has been added to the homepage. Please take this opportunity to say what you think about the website and what you would like to see on it.


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Several key customer quality audits and a DNV re-audit have taken place successfully at the Hatteland Display headquarters over the last six months. Motivation behind the recent audits varied - the DNV audit was to confirm our ISO:9001 status, whilst several key customers were...Read moreRead more
Expansion in the North American Naval and Yachting Markets
Hatteland Display has embarked on a strategy to expand its activity in the US yachting and commercial markets which includes recently becoming a member of the National Marine Electronics Association (NMEA) and making the flagship product line product line available to US consumers for the first time...Read moreRead more image
Intelligent Redesign - Series 1 OSD
Hatteland Display is starting to receive some fantastic feedback from users of the new redesigned Series 1 Maritime Multi Display (MMD). The new menu navigation system is close to becoming the standard On Screen Display (OSD) on all Hatteland Display Series 1 units and ...Read moreRead more image
Hammer Time
Two new Hatteland Display military products passed the U.S. Navy's stringent shock testing requirements designed to assess their suitability for the extreme Naval environment earlier in June. The MIL-S-901D Military Shock Test Specification is aptly nicknamed the...Read moreRead more image