Friday, August 29, 2008
image Welcome to the August 2008 edition of Visions.

We hope you found the first issue of Visions in June of interest, and after a break for holidays in July, we are now back on a monthly basis. Communication is critical to quality and at Hatteland Display, we are committed to ensuring that all customers have the information they need... Read more
Knut Vidar Lauritsen, President
Display of Innovation
  Short News

New Intranet Goes Live:
As part of our focus on quality and communication, a brand new Hatteland Display intranet went live on 22 August 2008. It is designed to empower everybody at Hatteland Display by streamlining and improving the quality of internal communications. By improving the flow of communication within the company, we can improve the quality of our business, our products and our service to customers.


New Web Homepage:
If you visit on or after 1 September 2008 you'll notice that we've made some changes to our homepage. We have made the site more user-friendly in order that you can easily navigate the site and reach the information that you require. Like our new intranet, the refresh of our public homepage is part of our continuing focus on quality and communication.


New PCB Suppliers:
We have newly appointed Westcontrol Electronics, a Norwegian electronics supplier based near Stavanger and Sanmina-SCI, a large international supplier of electronic products based in Ørnskøldsvik, Sweden, as our new PCB card suppliers. Both companies have been evaluated as quality, capable suppliers and we are expecting them to become a strong link in our manufacturing chain.


New QAR System:
On May 15th our new QAR (Quality Assurance Registration) system was implemented by the Production and Logistics Department. The information gathered is crucial to the further evaluation and auditing of our suppliers. Hatteland Display employees have taken to the system well, and it is becoming an important tool for improving quality. Especially as we are committed to addressing issues quickly: Impressively 94% of all issues since May 15th have been solved and dealt with to deadline!


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