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Friday, August 29, 2008
The Results Are In!


The results of the Customer Satisfaction Survey that was conducted in May/June 2008 are in and Hatteland Display would like to take this opportunity, firstly, to thank you all for your participation, and secondly to provide some feedback as to what you actually told us in your answers.

Customers from all over the world, including Norway, Finland, Sweden, Germany, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, France and the US took part in the survey. With commercial marine customers making up 48% of respondents, naval 34.5% and yachting customers 17.5%, the answers we received were from a good representation of the Hatteland Display customer base.

Over 90% of the customer's asked responded to our questionnaire, which is a fantastic rate for such a survey, so a sincere thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to take part in an exercise that was designed to not only benefit Hatteland Display's business but ultimately your business too.

"We were delighted by the response to the survey and satisfied with the results. The idea of an exercise like this is to use the results to pinpoint areas of our business that have room for improvement and we will be addressing these over the next few months to help ensure that our performance meets the expectations of our customers," comments Eva Svendsen Strand, Marketing Manager, Hatteland Display.

The same questions were also presented internally, in order that customer expectations could be measured against the perception Hatteland Display has of itself. It was interesting to note that the internal answers were in most cases similar to those provided by customers, although there were some areas where the internal opinion differed somewhat, both positively and negatively, form the answers provided by customers. This fact is extremely important as it is Hatteland Display's goal to meet and exceed customers' expectations so this kind of information is invaluable in helping to improve our quality and service.

"The survey gave us some great information that we will put to great use. For instance, It seems that the majority of respondents where happy with the contact they receive from Hatteland Display and the internal survey seemed to agree with this. However, leading on, several answers highlighted that we could improve our information to customers. It's this kind of data that we can take onboard, and through channels such as Visions, we hope that we are already addressing some of the issues that were raised during the survey," concludes Eva Svendsen Strand.

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