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Friday, August 29, 2008
Spotlight on Computers


Hatteland Display's computer business is going from strength to strength. We had a fantastic increase in sales last year and this year we have been concentrating on development, and have recently expanded our computers R&D section with four new, permanent, full time staff.

In addition to the recent expansion of computer R&D, since October last year, the marine computer manufacturing capacity at the factory in Nedre Vats has doubled, lead-times have been reduced to 4-5 weeks for standard units and new QA measures have been introduced to ensure that high levels of quality are retained as production ramps up.

"The investment in computer development and manufacturing at Hatteland Display is part of our long term plan to make computers an even more important product line in our portfolio," comments Bente Stene, Sales Engineer, Hatteland Display. "We are aiming to be a complete supplier of computer-solutions and as a result of our current focus, we will be offering a completely new range of computers with the latest technologies in 2009."

image That's not to say that we are waiting until next year to expand our computer offering, as two new computers will be available in Q1 2009. The HT206 and HT406 are next generation rackmount computers that utilise the latest Intel® processor technology in the form of options for Intel Core™ 2 Duo and Intel Core™ 2 Quad.

Both models are specifically designed to be used in marine applications, with normal installation indoors, mounted into a standard 19" rack. Flexibility is key to these new computers and both can handle a large number of hardware configurations, with respect to Hatteland Display defined options such as the HDD and customer additional hardware, such as customer specified PCI card.

"The HT206 and HT406 are just a small example of our determination to make Hatteland Display computers as respected as our displays are in the marine industry and our current expansion will see many more new and exciting computer products in the very near future," concludes Bente Stene.

If you'd like to find out more about our plans for computer development, feel free to contact Bente at
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