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Friday, August 29, 2008
Lean, Mean Manufacturing Machine!


After only three months with Lean Management online at Hatteland Display, we have recorded an impressive efficiency increase of 24%. Lean was introduced as just one part of the strategy to improve our ability to deliver and ensure our manufacturing capacity for now and well into the future.

The process started some years ago with a new a constructive initiative called 'We do'. But when Hatteland Display was purchased by Hercules Capital (Ferd), new 'know how' was introduced and we gained invaluable new knowledge about Lean Management.

"A large part of our move to Lean included the introduction of two new production lines that are based on line production, instead of previously where each assembler put together a whole display, one at a time. Additionally we also went over to a more balanced and standardised production line, which meant more of a spot selection for all tasks, standard operation order and balancing of the production line for lowest possible production time," said Janne Urdal Ausland, Manager Computer and Display Division, Hatteland Display.

To be successful with Lean also requires systematic production follow up so once a week there is a morning meeting with the focus on previous production, visual production control and problem solving. During the meeting deadlines for solving problems are established, for instance, it may be that efficiency could be improved simply by moving the storage area of certain materials.

"Our employees have spent a lot of time on finding different tools and making specific places for materials that all employees know about, which helps us to save time. And this ultimately makes us more efficient," says Leif Grindheim, Vice President Production & Logistics. "The results of lean are numerous. We produce 24% more each month and we have beaten many delivery challenges we faced in the past. We still have exciting challenges in front of us but we are also enjoying the good results from the changes we have made this last year."


The combination of Lean Management, line production and strong engagement by Hatteland Display employees has been the driving force behind the improvement in production. The production is now steered by goals at many different levels (HMS, quality, volume, problems) and during one year Hatteland Display has achieved more engagement among its employees and the focus on quality is better than ever before.

"We couldn't have reached this amazing figure in such a short time without the openness of everyone in the company to the new concepts," said Knut Vidar Lauritsen, President, Hatteland Display. "We pride ourselves on a great team spirit and it's this that helps us to change and adapt in order to improve the quality of our products and delivery."

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