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Thursday, October 2, 2008
EOL - End of Life Notice

Intel® Pentium®M 2.0GHz processor has reached its End of Life.

image This processor has reached its End Of Life phase, and Hatteland Display have a limited quantity on stock.

This End Of Life applies to the following HATTELAND® products which utilize/offer this processor:

HT B04PM STD-C1 (AC, Stand-alone Computer)
HT B04PM STD-C2 (DC, Stand-alone Computer)
HT B04PM MIL-C1 (AC, Stand-alone Computer)
HT B04PM MIL-C2 (DC, Stand-alone Computer)
HT B04PM MIL-C12 (DC, Stand-alone Computer)
HT MMC02-A01 (AC, Backpack Computer - Series 2 products)
HT MMC02-A02 (DC, Backpack Computer - Series 2 products)

*Please note: Customized solutions are also affected by this EOL.

Immediate as per this dated document. Please contact your Sales Representative at Hatteland Display for details.

Hatteland Display can offer Intel® Pentium®M 1.8GHz.

Implemented by:

Frode Grindheim
Vice president Technical Support Division
Hatteland Display AS

Read and Understood by:


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For further enquiries, please contact our sales offices or head offices.
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