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Thursday, October 2, 2008
PCN - Product Change Notification

HDD LED, Reset Button Aperture & IP66 - MMC Panel Computers.


image From January 2007 to September 2008 Hatteland Display has manufactured the HATTELAND® Maritime Multi Computer (MMC) Series 1 products with small differences and deviations from the specifications written in the user manual and datasheet. We therefore wish with the following document to clear up these issues and implement the following changes into our production.

The area of deviations is marked with red on the illustration to the right.


ISSUE #1 - Removal of HDD LED
Since May 2008 and up to September 2008, JH 10T08 MMC-xx, JH 15T05 MMC-xx,
JH 19T02 MMC-xx and JH 23T02 MMC-xx products have been manufactured without
an indication of Harddisk (HDD) Activity Light Emitting Diode (LED) on the user control label.

Selected products manufactured before May 2008 have been delivered with an indication of Harddisk (HDD) Activity Light Emitting Diode (LED) on the user control label.


Please note: This is not an initial manufacturing/design error. It was re-designed to meet the end user feedback concerning visual irritation caused by the blinking HDD light indicator.


ISSUE #2 - MMC range not IP66 rated
Since March 2007 until June 2008 Hatteland Display has accidentally indicated in the specifications that the MMC product range was IP66 rated in front. This is not possible, due to the fact that the Reset Button Aperature and the metal hatch for the USB port is not protected against water drops and moist. See illustration below.


Please note: This is not an initial manufacturing/design error, but rather a aftermath issue that occurred when the market demanded a IP66 compliant solution from Hatteland Display.


Hatteland Display hereby state that it will manufacture all MMC products with the following criterias as standard and to meet the IP66 demand:

image No HDD Activity Light Emitting Diode (LED) visible on the user control label or its aperture visible.
image No Reset Button visible aperture on the user control label.
image Gasket mounted on the backside of the metal hatch covering the Front USB port.

image Products will be IP66 tested by Det Norske Veritas (DNV) during 2008 and specifications updated when testing has completed.

image All corresponding Typenumbers and Type Approvals will remain unchanged and valid.

image New User Control Label will look like the illustration below:

image These changes will be effective as per this dated document. Please see updated datasheets, technical drawings and user manual linked in this document.


Hatteland Display can provide HDD LED functionality for customers that require it. Please forward the following type number: P005335-1 when ordering. The label will look like the illustration below:

Hatteland Display can also provide an retrofit kit that can be applied to your existing MMC models. By applying this kit, the product will become fully IP66 rated in front. Please use the following type number: JH KIT MMC-IP66 when ordering. User Control label without HDD LED and Reset Button Aperture is also included.

image image

Implemented by:

Frode Grindheim
Vice president Technical Support Division
Hatteland Display AS

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For further enquiries, please contact our sales offices or head offices.
For updated datasheets, technical drawings, user manual and pictures - please visit our website.
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