Thursday, September 24, 2009
Hatteland Display Is First To Introduce
Curved Glass Display Bonding

Hatteland Display's Optical Division is announcing a world's first in the display industry, with the production of flat panel display optical bonding to cylindrical and spherical shaped glass. This technical achievement was developed by Joseph Sanelle (Optical Division Manager), in order to produce custom display systems for the customer Radio Zeeland DMP of Terneuzen, The Netherlands.

In the mega-yacht & new giga-yacht marine market, there is the demand for the very new and the very best in bridge control display systems. These large systems require multiple displays of various sizes which ideally can be viewed from one central command chair. Typically these systems take on an eclectic appearance as shown below; highly functional but not very elegant.

The newest generation of mega-yacht display systems is the "glass bridge", which combines large size liquid crystal displays with flowing form artistic interior designs. The result is large elegantly shaped plates of black masked glass with multiple displays mounted behind the glass. Optical bonding of the displays was identified as a market requirement in order to provide perfect high contrast display imaging, with permanent marine environmental quality.

The first of these new generation systems was manufactured in June 2009. This giga-yacht primary bridge control system shown below, incorporates five 23" Hatteland display products in a 2-1-2 configuration on three sectional pieces of curved glass. The finished assembly measures 0.7 x 5 meters in length.

Another product recently fabricated was a triple 27" Demonstration assembly which can be seen at the Monaco Boat Show (23rd - 26th Sept.-09) in Port Hercules, Monaco. This assembly shown below has three 27" Hatteland display products, optically bonded to a 0.8 x 3 meter curved glass plate.

The current active project to be installed in a large Riverboat, has eight 19" Hatteland Series-2 displays in both portrait & landscape orientation, and four 7" displays, all optically bonded to a single curved glass plate shown below. This state of the art display assembly measures 1.2 x 2.7 meters, and is scheduled to complete fabrication this month, to be followed by a second identical assembly.

These custom product assemblies are only the first of the new generation of marine display systems. Their advanced product & fabrication technology demonstrate why Hatteland Display is the world leader, providing trusted solutions for the ever demanding world wide yacht market.

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