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Friday, September 26, 2008
Online Update: New Service Tool Coming Soon


We have developed a new service tool as part of our strategy to provide high quality service & support and to improve our online activities as a whole. It has been designed to provide instant access for customers to view the service status and history of their products, which will ensure that they can pass clearer service information back to their own customers.

image The online service tool isn't live yet,
but it will soon be available at It has already been demonstrated to several customers though, and the response was very positive.

"We've already been told that it's 'best in class' so we are looking forward to the response we get when the tool goes live at the beginning of November," comments Frode Grindheim, Vice President Technical Support Division, Hatteland Display. "The tool gives our customers much better control over their own service organisation as they are able to instantly track the service status of any of their Hatteland Display products

Online Activity
image The new online service tool is just part of a flurry of activity online at Hatteland Display, both internally and externally. The biggest changes you'll have seen so far are the cosmetic changes to our website at, where we've implemented a sleek new front page and user-interface, in order to make the wealth of information it holds easier to access.

image We have also introduced a new intranet. It went live on August 22nd and so far has been running very well, helping us to improve the flow of communication internally, which in turn has helped us to provide better services to our customers.

We've also changed our email addresses to reflect our website address, There is a long period where both the new and old addresses will work, though for your information, the new format is:

"We are committed to the continuous improvement of quality in every single area of our business, and online is an important focus of this," says Eva Svendsen Strand, Marketing Manager, Hatteland Display. "The new service tool is just one part of our overall strategy to provide clear communication both internally and externally."

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