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Friday, September 24, 2010
Hatteland Display will be exhibiting at Euronaval 2010. October 25 - 29,  Paris. Booth number A26.

The company will be showcasing it's ever evolving military product portfolio and confirming it's commitment and status as a key supplier of display and computer products to the military naval market worldwide.


Hatteland Display will be attending Euronaval for the second consecutive time at the end of October this year. "The previous event took place 2 years ago and proved to be extremely encouraging", comments Mehdi Bounoua (Sales Director south Europe MEA). "In particular, it was an opportunity for showcasing our ever evolving military product portfolio and confirming our commitment and status as a key supplier of display and computer products to the military naval market worldwide."

Building on our market leading position in the COTS maritime display and computer sector, we are uniquely able to adapt our wide product range to military needs with relative ease; adding where necessary extra test results, or going further and providing fully customized products to meet individual project requirements. Thus, Hatteland Display’s ability to deliver a wide COTS product range for the navy segment is unparalleled. Our naval project successes across Europe and elsewhere have propelled the Hatteland Display brand into contention as a real alternative supplier to a sector seeking quality, choice and good value in equal measure.

HM 20T07 NMD At this year's Euronaval, Hatteland Display will be showcasing new developments around the key areas of computers for navy use and special applications such ECDIS and Tempest. This is in addition to our existing range of displays for C4i applications which are already used by a number of navies around the world, and have been "hailed for their high quality and performance as best in the segment by some of our customers", comments Mehdi Bounoua.

The expansion of the computer range has been done in a manner as to provide solutions for both the commercial marine market as well as that of the military segment. With clever and innovative design, our engineers have come up with computer products able to comply with EN60945 testing in the first instance, and that can then undergo and pass extended testing if required. The versatility of the end product means obvious benefits to both markets, not least an extremely competitive proposition for the naval segment!

With the arrival in 2012 of the first of a series of strict regulations on Electronic Chart (ECDIS) in the professional maritime segment, Hatteland Display is bringing to the fore its years of experience supplying display and computer products for this application. HM 19T14 MMD-AAT-AOBA TEMPEST A series of product packages, informative literature and seminars will be aimed at our customers to help them through this process and to ensure that they will be able to rely on us to support their needs as the regulations take effect. Few companies in the market are as able as Hatteland Display is to provide products that are compliant with the ECDIS regulations.

Tempest requirements across a number of military projects led us to bring to market a Tempest compliant 19 inch maritime display. By adapting the best selling product in our range to be Tempest compliant, potential customers for this feature on board ships will know that in the HM 19T14 MMD TEMPEST VERSION, they will find a reliable, rugged and proven product to use.

We very much look forward to seeing you at Euronaval in Paris between 25th and 29th October 2010. Booth A26.

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