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Friday, September 24, 2010
26 inch WUXGA, new product from   Hatteland Display

We have decided to re-introduce our 26 inch MMD. We originally planned to create a 26 inch product, but it was stopped when all 26 inch manufacturers decided to announce End of Life (EOL) on this particular LCD size.

Now, CMI has decided to re-launch a 26 inch LCD, handled by their industrial / embedded division, with a planned availability for 3-5 years after introduction, which is Q4-2010. You can download the data sheet for the standard Hatteland Display 26 inch at the bottom of this page.

JH 26T11 MMD

As normal, we are more than happy to discuss any OEM / custom requirements on this model, please contact you Sales Representative in Hatteland Display.

16:10 or 16:9?

The future is 16:9, there is no doubt about that. All major LCD manufacturers has already developed a complete range of products, there is multiple sources on all major sizes. This new 26 inch 16:10 product is single source, which is the same as for the "ever lasting" 23.1 inch UXGA. Since they are both single source products, there is always a risk that we can suffer from lack of supply and cost issues. This is why Hatteland Display has been the 16:9 promotor in the marine industry, and we still are!

We know that going "even wider" will create challenges, such as even bigger / wider console parts. Considering potential EOL / lack of supply and cost issues, we believe that those who has solutions ready for tomorrows products (which is 16:9), are better prepared and ready for the products that already are and will be main stream the coming years. Technology will move on, and the new technology will be available in the main stream products only. Key features like contrast, brightness, viewing angle, color gamut, response time, refresh rate and product cost will be developed even further, and to enjoy these features and benefits, 16:9 based products are the correct choice.

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