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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Engineering Change Notification (ECN)

26 inch - LED Backlight Technology implementation

Our LCD panel supplier has notified the End of Life for the 26 inch TFT panel with CCFL backlight technology. They have also announced that there is an 26 inch LED based version under planning and development. As a result of this, we have initiated our planning to upgrade the 26 inch products.

JH 26T11 xxD-xxx-xxxx
HD 26T21 xxD-xxx-xxxx
HD 26T21 xxC-xxx-xxxx
HD 26T21 xxS-xxx-xxxx
Note: Customized models are ALSO affected by this Engineering Change Notification.

Last Time Buy for the current 26 inch models is 5 April 2013.

Last deliveries of the current 26 inch models with CCFL backlight are estimated between Q3-2014 and Q2-2015. We are working to provide such significant flexibility in deliveries of this product based on solid volume commitments (frame orders) from our customers. Please refer to your sales contact in Hatteland Display for discussions around volumes and desired time of deliveries.

Preliminary date for mass production start, LED model is Q2-2014.

We will make updates to this ECN during early 2013 to ensure good planning for this change. The most important input to our planning is the implementation schedule from the LCD manufacturer. Information to be expected during Q1-2013 (before last time buy date).

- Detailed plans for LED based product (introduction, incl.test schedule and dates for mass production).
- Datasheet on the LED based product.
- Confirmed plan of delivery, on order backlog, CCFL version.

Implemented by:
Frode Grindheim
Vice President Product Management
Hatteland Display AS
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