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Monday, November 04, 2008
ECN - Engineering Change Notification

Firmware update OSD MENU for Maritime Multi Display Series 1


Hatteland Display hereby informs about the following firmware update.

Previous Revision: V2.0F21

New Revision: V2.0F27 with the following changes applied:
point Set same luminance level for testing new brightness.
point Fixed bug for switching between DVI and ARGB input por. Black screen could sometimes occur.
point Enable CC1 and CC2 reply to work when stand-by mode.
point Added custom mode support (1360x1024 60Hz) on ARGB 1 and 2.
point DDC support for Intel GME855 (1280x1024)
point Added custom mode support (1272x996) on ARGB 1 and 2.
point Show HATTELAND® brand logo in OSD menu and Test Pattern screen instead of our company logo.

Applicable for:
JH 10T06 MMD models
JH 17T02 MMD models
JH 19T02 MMD models
JH 20T03 MMD models
JH 20T06 MMD models
JH 23T02 MMD models

Also applies for customized models.
Type Approval remains valid and typenumbers remains unchanged.

Effective from:

Implemented by:

Frode Grindheim
Vice president Technical Support Division
Hatteland Display AS

Read and Understood by:


(Your name and Company)


For further enquiries, please contact our Technical Support Division.
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