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Friday, October 31, 2008
Everything has Gone Green!


We reported in last month's Visions that Hatteland Display would be supplying the screens and computers for the SkySails wind propulsion control system, and since then we've taken on another green contract, this time with Icelandic company Marorka, a developer of fuel management systems.

Hatteland Display has been chosen to supply displays and computers to Marorka, a company from Iceland that develops systems to increase fuel efficiency and lower emissions from ships. Engine performance is currently a very hot topic as it's actually possible to save a significant amount of fuel on any given trip if the engines are used correctly, so there is a whole fledgling industry dedicated to providing systems for engine performance monitoring.

Our products were chosen because of their high quality and reliability, ensuring that crew and managers have access to the important information that Marorka delivers at all times. Our displays and computers will be used on Marorka's two main solutions:

The Marorka Maren Marine Energy Management System is the premium energy management system for ocean vessels. It is equipped with operational optimisation, simulation-based decision support, extensive energy analysis tools and energy controlling features. Ultimately, Maren is a comprehensive energy management system designed to maximize energy efficiency and thereby reduce operating costs. The Marorka Fuel Manager is an effective fuel management system that keeps track of fuel consumption and gives the crew a snapshot overview over the fuel consumption.

"It is just as important for developers of these new green solutions to provide their customers with high quality, reliable and functional hardware as it is for our customers developing more mainstream applications. They turn to us for displays and computers because they know that Hatteland Display products can offer the quality and reliability to ensure confidence in high system availability," concludes Lauritsen.

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